As infrastructure advisors we offer support at the different levels of development or operation. Working with multiple stakeholders and all parts of the supply chain; we focus on all areas of each industry to provide the advices needed to drive your project forward. We offer valuable insight with hands-on local experience and in order to address the challenges a project may face at any stage of the life-cycle. This may include from strategy, planning, construction and operations.

  • We develop strategic business cases in order to assist you to understand the underlying economic impacts of a potential scheme.
  • We advise on funding, procurement and capital structuring; underpinned by the necessary regulatory framework and governance structures.
  • We advise private sector bidders in preparing and pricing for a winning bid.
  • We ensure project delivery and develop operational models to help day-to-day project management and monitoring, ensuring project delivery is on track to time and budget.

We provide transaction advisory services to Governments. Which includes;

  • Solidifying credit rating; building a stronger profit and loss (P&L); preserving existing assets; and minimizing costs, turnaround plans, restructuring services, decision-making and analytics modelling
  • Asset operational efficiency, optimizing asset portfolios, project evaluation and selection, optimizing organizational structure, and institutional frameworks
  • Feasibility studies and business plan assessment, planning and structuring transactions, and cost-efficiency structures
  • Asset divestment, fund-raising for infrastructure projects, and private financing