Joaquin F D Cordova

Financial Services
35 Years
Project Experience
Private Wealth Management
Financial Management
Business Consulting
Political advisory
Oil & Gas operations

His Grace, The Duke of Arion, Joaquin Fernandez de Cordova Hohenloe is the non-executive Chairman of Suez Capital Limited.

Hailing from one of Spain’s oldest noble families, The Duke is an entrepreneur, diplomat and philanthropist. He is based in Vienna, where he actively supervises his business Arion 1725 Crystal, a partnership  with Swarovski. which markets premium glassware embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, creating unique, fascinating, and functional products which do not exist in today’s market.

He is the founder of Concat Capital, a boutique and discrete market entry and innovative financial engineering company, specialising in advice on creating strategic alliances in the Middle East. The Duke counts some of Spain’s leading companies as his clients and has played a major part in the success of Spanish companies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also the Founding Partner of eCORP International. Based in Houston, London, Madrid and Zurich. The company develops Shale Gasreserves, natural gas storage facilities and related assets, including pipelines, and natural gas-fired power generation.

He is Senior International Advisor to G2 Investment group, a niche investment house that specialises in investments in primary industries such as food, water, shelter, communications and energy. The Duke has spent the past six months of the COVID 19 lockdown, organising and financing the delivery of food, via The Trocadero Group of restaurants to frontline health workers in Malaga, Spain. His personal charitable foundation is active in Spain and parts of the Sahel, trying to alleviate the impact of this modern pandemic.

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