Manana Tsitsishvili

Insurance & Compliance
20 Years

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Insurance Brokerage
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Ms. Tsitsishvili heads Suez Grindlay & Co Kft, the licensed insurance and reinsurance broking arm of the Suez Group. She has more than twenty years experience in all aspects of the insurance industry, having been the deputy CEO of an insurance broker, an insurance company and finally the Chief Regulator of Insurance Companies in the Republic of Georgia.

Ms. Tsitsishvili started her career in the early 90´s as the deputy head of the first post-soviet European insurer in Georgia, Tbilisi London Insurance Ltd. In 1998, the company was converted into the first post-soviet Insurance Company in Georgia and Ms. Tsitsishvili became the Deputy CEO of the company. In 2001 Ms. Tsitsishvili was appointed as a Deputy CEO of AON Georgia. In 2007, Ms. Tsitsishvili was appointed Head of the Insurance Supervision Department of the Government of Georgia and in 2010 was appointed Chief Regulator of the Non-Banking Institutions in Georgia. In 2016 she left Government Service to join us as CEO of our Insurance Brokerage. Ms. Tsitsishvili is fluent in English, Russian and Georgian, and has part completed a Phd in Business Administration from the State University Tbilisi.

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