Port Sur

Master Developer and Investor
Government of Oman
5 Years

Suez’s specialty over the years has been acting as Master Developer of Sovereign Infrastructure projects. After accumulating almost two decades of experience in Africa, we have stepped into our first investment project through a wholly owned subsidiary Suez Ports Oman Ltd. In Nov 2016, Suez Capital as the Master Developer and Suez Ports Oman Ltd as the project development company, signed an MOU with Shumookh, the investment arm of Madayn (the Public Establishment of Industrial Estates) to design, finance, build and operate the Port of Sur in Oman. In Feb 2017 Suez Capital appointed FGT Consulting, the Group’s design and engineering consultancy, as Program and Project Manager, with the scope of delivering the Feasibility Study. In March 2017 FGTC awarded IDOM (a prime engineering company from Spain) and CHEC (China Harbour Engineering Company) a contract to prepare a Bankable Feasibility Study and Preliminary Engineering Design for the Port. In December 2018 the Feasibility Study was delivered to the Omani Govt. In October 2020 the Minister of Transport, Communication & Information Technology issued a no objection letter for the development of the port of Sur, including it into the list of strategic infrastructure developments of the Sultanate. In the meantime, the Environmental Impact Assessment is separately in progress and a final approval is envisaged by the end of 2020.

The new port will be a multifunctional terminal hub dimensioned for a growing share of container and general cargo import/export, becoming one of the major gateways of Oman. In phase one the port capacity will be of 1,5M TEU per year, with additionally 150,000 Ro-Ro units, 24M tons of dry and break bulk, provided of 2,350m quays length and 66ha of storage area. The expected cost of phase one is 1,8B USD, and the duration of design and construction stages is 3 years.The project is planned for 4 construction phases in 30 years, and the final capacity will reach 4,5M TEU, 700,000 Ro-Ro units and 32M tons of bulks, with 5,000m of quays length and over 120 ha of storage area, for a total cost of 3,5B USD.

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